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 Our unique and individualized approach to your personal journey of healing 

At the Drake Center, we provide Ketamine assisted therapy in a private comfortable and safe setting designed to enhance your healing journey. We are there for you in person or virtually to guide and assist you during all stages of your transformation.  Our integration process combines traditional talk therapy with meditation, creativity and immersive therapies. Our board certified physician has decades of experience with Ketamine and the evaluation of psychiatric illness. We are committed to bringing all modalities of healing to your journey.


Healing Space  

At The Drake Center we know that for real transformation and lasting change in the mind, body and creative spirit the setting has to be conducive to the whole healing process.

In our new location in Franklin we have designed it with the patients journey and comfort in mind.  By using the theory of evidence based design (EBD) (Looking at real original art can help heal a  patients mind and body. ) 

A theory used by many hospital interior designers thought out the US.  


We invite you to come relax, breathe and view healing art  while you renew your spirit, mind and body 

                                Contact us today                                  to start your

                             journey to wellness


Specializing in
Immersive (VR) Therapies  

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