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Founded By 


Cassius Drake MD 
Medical Director 


Jacqueline Drake
Artist/Therapeutic Art Life Coach 
Director of Creative &
Immersive Therapies  

Cassius and Jacqueline’s relationship began at the bedside of an injured patient. Two decades ago at William Beaumont Hospital, where Dr. Drake completed his residency and Jacqueline provided nursing care, a bond was formed based on a shared desire to help others. Through their journey together as spouses, parents, and healers, that bond has grown. Dr. Drake spent twenty years serving as both a clinician and award winning leader in multiple emergency departments caring for tens of thousands of patients. While there was excitement in saving lives, Dr. Drake always felt there was more to healing than science could provide or knew. Faced with his own physical challenges as a result of the stressful work of the ER, he began his own journey of healing of not just the body but the mind and ultimately the spirit. Jacqueline, a gifted artist, has had a successful career as a leader of other artists and in the healing arts fields. Jacqueline is a certified Therapeutic Art life Coach, and has worked with patients in groups and individual sessions in hospitals, cancer centers and crisis centers. Her art and her deep passion for the healing arts led her to open her dream of a healing arts gallery.   The Jacqueline Drake Gallery, A Journey Within The Art   where she displayed her own award winning healing artwork and held meditative &  mindfulness art classes. In this unique gallery she facilitated hundreds of art events for people to experience the spiritual and the healing power of art. However during her personal  journey she too would face a significant physical challenge forcing her to take a deeper look at not just the healing of her body, but the healing of her mind and her creative spirit.

 Having undergone their own transformative journeys of healing and with an inspired resolve to help others to have this powerful and rejuvenating experience, Dr Drake and Jacqueline founded The Drake Center for Transformative healing as a destination for those seeking healing of disease of the body and transcendence of Dis-Ease of the psyche.

Cassius Drake MD

Dr. Drake is the medical director of The Drake Center for Transformative healing. Board certified in emergency medicine, he earned a bachelors degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Residency trained in emergency medicine at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, Dr. Drake treated tens of thousands of patients over a two decade career. A leader in the field, Dr. Drake served as medical director of an award winning Emergency department in the area of patient satisfaction. 
During his time in the Er, Dr. Drake became keenly aware of the severe impact  emotional distress and mental illness can have on a patients overall function and physical health. While some patients had an active life threatening emergency, many who presented to the ER had different needs.  These patients have physical symptoms which are secondary to an emotional cause. The patient with an anxiety attack who suddenly feels like they can't breathe for example or the migraine sufferer who just can't get a handle on why they come so frequently and insidiously. These patients need different medicine. Invariably patients in this condition  find all testing to be normal and are frequently told there is nothing wrong with them or they do not have an acute life threatening problem and there is little more that can be done for them. While an accurate assessment this is of course unsatisfying for the patient as well as Dr. Drake. 
Over time he came to realize that the missing piece for these patients is the failure to address and educate them on the impact their emotional state can have physically, especially when emotional stress is long term, unrecognized or suddenly heightened due to unforeseen circumstances. In these cases, a discussion regarding emotional stress and how it can be the underlying cause for an intractable physical problem with guidance on how to relive that distress, was often profoundly impactful for the patient. Not immune to this paradigm himself, Dr. Drake after multiple spine surgeries related to the extreme stress of emergency medical work and a very real case of professional burnout, underwent his own journey of healing of his physical body as well as his emotional and spiritual states. Now fully on the other side of his own transformative  journey, Dr. Drake brings  all of his passion, accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the healing arts to his work for the patients of the Drake center

Dr. Drake 
Cornell University BS 
University of Texas Medical School, Medical Degree 
William Beaumont Hospital residency EM
Board certification in emergency medicine
Medical Director Henry Ford Brownstown Emergency Department
Press Ganey summit award for patient satisfaction
Featured physician: Untold Stories of the ER 

Jacqueline Drake Talc.

Jacqueline Drake is the creative therapy director at The Drake Center for Transformative Healing.  Jacqueline has been using her intuitive process to create mixed media art for over 20 years. Having started her career in the healthcare field, then deciding to study fine art as well as intuitive and meditative healing, Jacqueline brings a truly unique blend of talents and knowledge to her practice and community.

 Her stunning artwork seems to glow and be lit from within. Its luminous style, like the artist herself, reminds the viewer of their own energy and light, bringing forth a calming introspection many find healing. Through her beautiful canvasses and art inspired wellness products, engaging workshops, and inviting gallery ,Jacqueline helps people relax, create, explore and be inspired. Jacqueline takes you on her own creative wellness journey.

Honored to be the winner of 

 Hour Detroit's "Best Place To Buy Original Art" 2019.

 Named Face Of Creativity by Hour magazine  2019 

Jacqueline resides in Michigan with her husband and two sons She continues to create in her home studio  after closing the gallery in March 2020 due to the Pandemic. 

The Artwork of Jacqueline Drake has appeared in hospitals, spas, yoga studios, restaurants, galleries and private collections in homes all across the US.

President South Oakland Art association
owner/founder The Jacqueline Drake Gallery

Art Prise  2014 Grand Rapids
Winner best in show Michigan Apple Trail
Hour Detroit: Best place to Buy original art 2019 
Hour Detroit: Best place to Buy original Art 2020
Hour Detroit: Face of Creativity 2019

Certified Therapeutic Art life Coach

Certified mindfulness and meditation instructor  

Healing Arts Therapy workshop facilitator- 

Gildas Club Cancer Support Center,

Common Ground Crisis Center,  Henry Ford Hospital

 Karmanos Cancer Center. , 

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