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The Drake Center for Transformative Healing

Wellness Coach

Delivering Real Change

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Guiding you towards mental wellness with empathy, expertise, and a sanctuary of support. We offer you personalized ketamine therapy experience in a thoughtfully designed setting.

The Drake Difference

Ketamine therapy offers a pathway to transformative healing.
Our role is to help navigate you through the healing process.
Our Approach 

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

At The Drake Center, we're here for you—supporting your unique journey of healing. With a tailored and individualized approach, we guide you towards purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life. Our commitment to comprehensive care embraces guided introspection for emotional fulfillment and renewed perspective. Combining ketamine therapy with talk therapy, meditation, creativity, and immersive therapies, our holistic approach nurtures your well-being.

Rest assured, your healing and well-being are our top priorities. We're by your side, providing compassionate care on your path to a brighter future


Meet The Drakes

With decades of experience, Dr. Cassius Drake,

our co-founder and Medical Director, goes beyond science in his healing journey. He witnessed how trauma extends beyond the physical, inspiring his commitment to individualized care for the mind, body, and spirit. At The Drake Center, we embrace this holistic approach, offering comprehensive care to treat the whole person. Together, we'll guide you towards healing and well-being, with unwavering support.

Jacqueline, our compassionate co-founder and Director of Creative & Immersive Therapies, dedicates her expertise to fostering your journey of transformation and holistic healing. Her unique blend of nursing and two decades of mixed media artistry forms the foundation for her practice, igniting introspection and healing through luminous art. Jacqueline invites you to explore her world of transformation and well-being, where healing, inspiration, and creativity converge. Welcome to Jacqueline's journey of Mind, Body, and Creative Spirit.

Dr. Cassius Drake

Jacqueline Drake, TALC

Our Services

The Way of the Butterfly

As you enter our integrated approach, The Way of the Butterfly, you'll experience a remarkable transformation, evolving from a chrysalis to soaring. This journey is all about your growth, healing, and ultimate freedom. Whether you suffer with depression, PTSD or anxiety, we customize our treatment plan for you. Trust in our compassionate care to guide you through an empowering journey toward a brighter future.

Guided Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Our guided sessions offer a secure and nurturing environment for you to delve into the ketamine experience, facilitating the discovery and integration of insights that can lead to enduring transformation. Ketamine therapy opens the door to new emotional states and perspectives, offering a fresh outlook on life and mindset.

Virtual Reality Integration

Step into a mindful journey and experience the transformative power of VR therapy at The Drake Center. Through the captivating world of Virtual Reality, we offer more than just visual splendor. It becomes a gateway to enhanced mindfulness, a canvas for your creative expression, and a catalyst for remarkable neuroplastic changes.

Meditative Art


After each ketamine treatment, we give our patients the opportunity to creatively express their unique experiences through writing, music, painting, VR and more. We provide a safe space for self-expression and healing while incorporating mindfulness and meditation.

Image by Susan Wilkinson
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What conditions can ketamine assisted therapy treat?

Reflecting in the Meadow
Meditating on Bed

Create the Beautiful Life You Deserve

Find Healing From

Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Migraines IBS, Chronic Pain CRPS, Stress Related Illness, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue.

“This experience has been a miracle to me (and my family). The Drake Center for Transformative Healing was able to renew my mind and destroy the crippling depression I was suffering from. I simply would not be back to enjoying my life without them. The Drake Center for Transformative Healing is what the future of treating mental health related issues should look like."

Craig C.

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Get the FREE Copy of

The Way of the Butterfly: A Paradigm for Transformative Change

Experience a transformative journey with "The Way of The Butterfly" as Dr. Cassius Drake shares a powerful narrative of profound personal growth and enlightenment after a tragic loss. Through practical exercises and engaging stories, Dr. Drake invites you to uncover resilience, find healing, and embrace your full potential.

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