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"The Drake Center for Transformative Healing is what the future of treating mental health related issues should look like."

C. Covert     Michigan 

Depression and anxiety are nothing new to me. In early 2022, I became sick with what I though was a common flu-like illness. Months after the main symptoms were gone, I was in a very tired and lethargic state. My memory began to noticeably decline, and it felt like I had a sustained “brain fog” that I could not seem to break free of. I also found myself in a terrible state of depression that was unlike any other I had ever experienced in the past.


Based on my doctor’s recommendation, I chose to focus on ketamine as a possible long-term solution to my depression.


However, in my research to find a reputable ketamine clinic, I noticed that most clinics treat the patient’s mental health like it can be “quick fixed” - using just ketamine alone. Some clinics even presented a novelty-like atmosphere with a spa-like setup, or in some cases, leather recliners in a sports-bar setting (similar to what you’d see in a “man cave” or in someone’s private theatre). My gut told me that a gimmicky, public, “one size fits all” approach would not work for me, so I kept searching.


A handful of clinics I came across presented a more serious, private and refined approach. These clinics offered ketamine medicinal therapy coupled with talk therapy. One such clinic is The Drake Center for Transformative Healing, and when I reached out to Dr. Drake and his wife Jacqueline for the first time, I began to understand why ketamine treatments should always include a talk therapy element.


For starters, a comprehensive intake session involving talk therapy may reveal that ketamine may not be needed at all. Also, variables such as treatment frequency and potency need to be strongly considered. This can only be done through a strong patient-doctor relationship. Every person is different and a good therapist needs to learn as much about each individual patient as possible to craft a customized treatment plan.  Dr. Drake and Jacqueline certainly do this – it is a priority of theirs!


Second, ketamine treatments will put you in a pleasant, yet slightly altered state of mind, which must be supervised by your doctor/therapist. The treatments “peel away” layers of mental rigidity and buried emotions that you may never have processed. This effect of ketamine is called "emotional unpacking", and it requires a trained professional to help you sort through your emotions and rebuild your now well-functioning mind and upgraded emotional processes. Each time I received a ketamine treatment, Dr. Drake and Jacqueline were literally at my side. This level of care is unparalleled in modern medicine.


Third, by coupling a well though-out ketamine treatment plan with strategic (and caring) talk therapy sessions, your personal results can be measured from treatment number one, through your final treatment. Without a highly specialized doctor and therapist monitoring and measuring your progress along the way, important adjustments to your treatment plan would be impossible to determine. In my case, I needed slightly more treatments than an average patient, and Dr. Drake was able to realize this by continually measuring my progress.


Lastly, extremely valuable coping mechanisms are taught through the Drakes' comprehensive therapy sessions. These coping mechanisms stay with you for life, and to me they’re just as valuable as the medicinal ketamine treatments were. What good would ketamine be if I reverted back to the state of mind that brought me to my knees in the first place? I now have coping skills that I can rely on if I were to ever go back into a major depressive episode or have a panic attack.


This experience has been a miracle to me (and my family). The Drake Center for Transformative Healing was able to renew my mind and destroy the crippling depression I was suffering from. I simply would not be back to enjoying my life without them.


The Drake Center for Transformative Healing is what the future of treating mental health related issues should look like.

David A     Alabama 

Insight and experience is needed to make a true connection. It’s easy to get lost on our road to self discovery.  Cassius helped me find the well of water and witnessed me take a drink into my illumination. That experience now serves to guide me through my journey

Kathy S      Michigan 

The Drake Center was the answer to my prayers. I’ve been suffering with depression for many years, and now feel so much better. I’ve found it much easier to deal with llife and all its situations from a much better perspective after my Ketamine treatment. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels stuck and/or has tried many modalities without success. Thank you to Cassius Drake and Jackie Drake for your kind and loving manner!

Carolyn S     Michigan 

When I first heard of the Drake Center for Transformative Healing, I didn’t believe they could help me. I wasn’t considered depressed, nor did I have PTSD or other type of trauma to work through. What I suffered from was unidentifiable, nor was there a label for it.

I have a loving, supportive husband, a good job and amazing family who are always there for me. So, what could possibly be wrong in my life that makes me feel incomplete, and just a little lost?

I believe that sometimes things from our past or things we don’t think are bothering us, are at the root cause of this. And for these reasons, I went into my 1st healing session with an open mind. Not knowing what to expect and hoping for answers.

By the time I did the ketamine treatment, I was feeling very optimistic. From that day forward, I felt that a weight had lifted off my shoulder & I could finally see a more defined path for my life. Dr.Drake and Jacqueline Drake have guided me on what I call my “journey of healing”. If it weren’t for the healing sessions before and after the ketamine treatment in Michigan, I don’t think I would have been able to process or interpret all that I saw and felt during my experience & continue to live it every day.

I am working on original music, finding more balance at my job and have a new sense of purpose in life. I know this is because of the expert help I have received from the Drakes.

I can’t wait to continue on my “journey of healing”, and walk this new path I am on. Great possibilities await!

Thank you, Dr. & Mrs. Jacqueline Drake for all you have done for me!

Karin M     Michigan 

I came to The Drake Center feeling scared and hopeless, and less than 90 days later I’m happy, energized and more in control of my life. Their gentle approach made me feel safe, which led to amazing breakthroughs that completely changed my perspective. The creative integration not only allowed me to express myself in new ways, but also gave me simple tools to help me practice this new mindset every day, as well as measure my progress. The Drakes have healed my mind, body and spirit. I am a better version of myself, and I am so grateful. 🦋❤️

Persia  G.    Michigan 

Coming to the Drake center was the best decision of my life.

I went through severe Depression & Anxiety as a result of COVID 19 in early 2021. The depression lasted months. It seemed like it wouldn’t lift no matter what i did, but the mental pain i felt was so uncomfortable i was willing to try anything. My therapist suggested I look into ketamine for depression and i was intrigued. After doing research on the subject I decided to try it and reached out to Dr Drake. Best decision i’ve ever made.

After my first treatment, my depression seemed to have lifted. Speaking with Cassius & Jacqueline during integration sessions has been more profound and transformative than most therapists i’ve seen. I came to them looking just for the ketamine treatment but for me, the integrations were as important if not more important. These are people that genuinely care about helping you heal and it’s very apparent from the start.

This decision has changed my life, these amazing beautiful people have changed my life and i am indebted to them. I encourage anyone and everyone interested in this kind of treatment to do with the Drakes. As long as you remain open willing to heal, you will transform.

Liz P      Michigan 

I have delayed writing my review for the correct words to come to mind. I was suffering from severe depression after two major losses, and I had developed severe anxiety while driving or being in a car. When I first started my treatments I couldn’t drive without having full blown panic attacks. Fast forward I just finished my 6th ketamine treatment and I’ve had 3 integrative’s with a few more coming up- and I have been driving panic attack free since after the first treatment, I’m able to drive on the freeway more comfortably then I had been. I am able to process and look at situations differently, and most importantly I learned what acceptance meant when it comes to grief- and I no longer have the feelings of guilt associated with the two passings. My only regret is that I didn’t find these two angels sooner in life as they have brought so much peace to my everyday life and I finally feel like me which I couldn’t tell you the last time I did. My complete out look on life has transformed and the gratitude I have for Dr.Drake and Jackie I will forever be in-debited and grateful for their guiding me to get my life back.

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