What our patients have to say

David A     Alabama 

Insight and experience is needed to make a true connection. It’s easy to get lost on our road to self discovery.  Cassius helped me find the well of water and witnessed me take a drink into my illumination. That experience now serves to guide me through my journey

Kathy S      Michigan 

The Drake Center was the answer to my prayers. I’ve been suffering with depression for many years, and now feel so much better. I’ve found it much easier to deal with llife and all its situations from a much better perspective after my Ketamine treatment. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels stuck and/or has tried many modalities without success. Thank you to Cassius Drake and Jackie Drake for your kind and loving manner!

Carolyn S     Michigan 

When I first heard of the Drake Center for Transformative Healing, I didn’t believe they could help me. I wasn’t considered depressed, nor did I have PTSD or other type of trauma to work through. What I suffered from was unidentifiable, nor was there a label for it.

I have a loving, supportive husband, a good job and amazing family who are always there for me. So, what could possibly be wrong in my life that makes me feel incomplete, and just a little lost?

I believe that sometimes things from our past or things we don’t think are bothering us, are at the root cause of this. And for these reasons, I went into my 1st healing session with an open mind. Not knowing what to expect and hoping for answers.

By the time I did the ketamine treatment, I was feeling very optimistic. From that day forward, I felt that a weight had lifted off my shoulder & I could finally see a more defined path for my life. Dr.Drake and Jacqueline Drake have guided me on what I call my “journey of healing”. If it weren’t for the healing sessions before and after the ketamine treatment in Michigan, I don’t think I would have been able to process or interpret all that I saw and felt during my experience & continue to live it every day.

I am working on original music, finding more balance at my job and have a new sense of purpose in life. I know this is because of the expert help I have received from the Drakes.

I can’t wait to continue on my “journey of healing”, and walk this new path I am on. Great possibilities await!

Thank you, Dr. & Mrs. Jacqueline Drake for all you have done for me!