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Our Approach

At the Drake Center, we provide Ketamine assisted therapy in a private, comfortableand safe setting designed to enhance your healing journey.

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We take a unique and individualized approach to your personal journey of healing.


We’ll take you on a journey toward purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life. Our approach is to reflect inward and for you to emerge with renewed perspective and emotional fulfillment.


We believe in guided psycho-emotional exploration to make certain you’re getting the complete care you need for your mind and body.

We are there for you, to guide and assist you during all stages of your transformation. Our integration process combines ketamine with traditional talk therapy, meditation, creativity and immersive therapies. 

The Way of Butterfly


The Way of the Butterfly is a beautiful paradigm of transformative healing that's built on connecting with love and being contained in that love. Our integrated approach to healing is the transformative journey of the butterfly.


It begins with asking for help and finding a way to reconnect with love.


The caterpillar enters the chrysalis and then emerges as a new and beautiful creature and for us that chrysalis is that container of unconditional love.  We spin that around ourselves and our patients through ketamine through mindfulness through meditation and through creative work.


Just as the caterpillar dissolves into nothingness and still maintains its essence and comes out as something brand new and beautiful, so do our patients.  


When someone enters our integrated approach, The Way of the Butterfly, the individual goes from chrysalis to soaring.  Our patients soar like a butterfly emerging from chrysalis and their time in their chrysalis is customized and includes a psychedelic experience, mindfulness meditation, spiritual work, being creative and getting up and moving the body which allow our patients to feel alive in the moment.


The Healing Space  

At The Drake Center we know that for real transformation and lasting change in the mind, body and creative spirit the setting has to be conducive to the whole healing process.


Our location in Franklin was designed with the patient’s journey and comfort in mind.  Surrounded by original art which evidence has shown enhances a person’s healing experience, you will find a supportive and comforting environment for your healing process.

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Our six-step process for your transformation.

Intake Session

Enter the Chrysalis

We will meet you so we can understand your backstory and medical history to make sure that you're healthy enough for the treatment.

Your time in

the Chrysalis

is Charted

We build a road map which is your customized plan for healing.


Your Personal Transformation

We'll talk about the logistics of your plan and we'll begin the process of really setting your mindset and talk about goal setting.

Morphing into

the Butterfly

The injection in the office where we will sit with you the whole time. For additional support we have a therapy dog for comfort. If you are more comfortable with a trusted friend, we encourage them to come too.  We provide music and a comfortable chair and we will observe you during the experience and then when it's over we will talk with you about it. 

Emergence and the Creative Therapies

We move you to creative therapy and Jacqueline will begin an individualized plan of mindfulness and art therapy.

Life as

a Butterfly

Any boosters or follow-up that may be needed.

Consulting Services for Medical Clinics
For over two years, the Drake Center has excelled in ketamine-assisted therapy, offering patients a secure and supportive atmosphere. Our experienced team consults with clinics aiming to integrate ketamine into their treatment options. We provide expert advice on seamless integration, art therapy, innovative VR/immersive therapies, and enhancing patient well-being through meditation and mindfulness practices.  Contact us today.

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