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About Us
We Are Healers

Jacqueline and Cassius first met while caring for the same patient at a local hospital. A spark ignited between them around them, fueled by their common mission to heal people. Jacqueline's remarkable act of saving a life with CPR in high school, and Cassius's experience as an ER doctor, and also experiencing the tragic loss of his sister to suicide inspired a life long mission to go beyond conventional treatments and become genuine healers To them, The Drake Center is more than just a clinic, it represents a deeper, transformative approach to healing. Their commitment to personal growth and their belief in the power of experience and empathy are at the core of their mission. Their dedication to using their combined expertise to uplift and support others underscores the founding spirit of The Drake Center.

“I did not need to know what I would become,
I only had to have faith in my potential for transformation”

Dr. Cassius Drake, M.D. 
Medical Director

Meet our co-founder and Medical Director, Dr. Cassius Drake. Dr. Drake brings over two decades of experience as an emergency medicine specialist, with a passion for exploring the deeper aspects of healing. He earned his bachelor's degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and is board certified in emergency medicine. After residency training at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, Dr. Drake went on to treat tens of thousands of patients with emergency medical conditions.

However, Dr. Drake began to feel that traditional Western medicine had limitations when it came to healing beyond the physical. Witnessing the suffering of patients who experienced traumatic events and injuries, Dr. Drake knew that a hospital environment alone was not enough to heal the mind and spirit.

Dr. Drake also experienced his own physical challenges due to the stress of working in emergency departments. This led him on a personal journey of healing, exploring and integrating various mind-body-spirit practices to promote holistic health and wellness.

At The Drake Center, Dr. Drake brings his expertise and compassion to every patient, offering a safe haven for those seeking healing beyond the standard medical model. Our unwavering commitment to our patients' healing and well-being is the cornerstone of our care philosophy.


Cornell University BS
University of Texas Medical School, Medical Degree
William Beaumont Hospital Residency Emergency Medicine
Board Certified Emergency Medicine
Certified Medical Ketamine Provider Integrative Psychiatry Institute
Medical Director Henry Ford Brownstown Emergency Department

Jacqueline Drake, TALC
Director of Creative & Immersive Therapies

Step into Jacqueline's world of transformation and well-being, where the focus is entirely on your healing journey. As the co-founder and Director of Creative & Immersive Therapies at The Drake Center, Jacqueline Drake, TALC, is a guiding light in the realm of holistic healing. Harnessing her diverse expertise and nursing background, she has crafted innovative programs centered on mindfulness, creativity, and healing.


Jacqueline's art serves as a radiant reflection of her inner essence, sparking introspection and healing in all who encounter it. Through her stirring canvases, art-inspired products, workshops, and private healing sessions, she empowers individuals on their path to well-being.


In 2020, Jacqueline courageously closed her physical gallery, embarking on a profound personal wellness journey that delved into the interconnected realms of mind, body, and creative spirit. In response to the changing landscape, she created a Metaverse gallery, breathing life into her mixed media paintings in the digital realm. This immersive space showcases a blend of acrylic, Encaustic, resin, VR, and AR art, fostering calm and meditation.


We invite you to embark on Jacqueline's journey of Mind, Body, and Creative Spirit, welcoming you to explore the digital manifestation of her art, where healing, inspiration, and creativity converge.

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach
Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor
Healing Arts Therapy Workshop Facilitator
Owner/Founder The Jacqueline Drake Gallery
Certified in Psychedelic Integration

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