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Transformative Healing Retreats

Embark on a transcendent journey at our serene healing center, where the fusion of advanced Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and holistic integration methods promises a unique path to profound healing. From afar, let our sanctuary beckon you to experience a transformative escape like no other, offering renewal and restoration beyond imagination.
  • Embark on a journey of profound renewal

Embark on a journey of profound renewal.


Our retreats blend cutting-edge science with soul-nurturing practices, ensuring every participant benefits from a holistic healing experience.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
This is not just any treatment. It's a tailored journey that unfolds over carefully orchestrated sessions, guiding participants from preparation to the therapeutic effects of Ketamine and finally into a comprehensive integration phase. With our expertise, we ensure that the transformative potential of Ketamine is fully realized, paving the way for profound healing of both the body and the psyche.


Mindfulness & Meditation
At the heart of true transformation lies a deep connection with oneself. Our mindfulness and meditation techniques help cultivate this connection. Participants will be introduced to practices that enhance self-awareness, fostering a serene mental state that complements the Ketamine therapy.


Creative Expression 
Creative expression is therapy in itself. As participants traverse their transformative journey, they'll have opportunities to engage in creative work. This becomes a medium to externalize their experiences, insights, and emotions, further aiding the healing process.


We believe that true healing transcends the physical and the mental. Our retreats tap into the spiritual dimension, guiding participants towards a deeper understanding of their place in the universe and their intrinsic worth. This spiritual grounding amplifies the transformative effects of all other therapies, leading to a more harmonious state of being.


The Chrysalis Package - 7 days  
  - Intensive 7-day experience

3 Ketamine Treatments
– Powerful sessions for profound transformative healing.

3 Integrative Sessions
– Designed to ensure the therapeutic benefits are maximized and incorporated into your life.


Post-retreat integration session.

7 sessions total, encompassing more than 10 hours of transformative time. 
Price: $2,850


The Emergence Package - 10 days 
  - Holistic 10-day journey


4 Ketamine Treatments

 – Delve deeper into the transformative potential of Ketamine.


4 Integrative Sessions

 – Holistic support to reinforce and nurture the transformative effects.


Post-retreat integration session.


9 sessions spanning more than 14 hours of dedicated healing and growth. 

Price: $3,550

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Meet Jacqueline Drake

Nationally acclaimed artist Jacqueline Drake combines her nursing care background and fine art skills to create a transformative method of art therapy at the Drake Center.

Our Approach

Experience a customized, diverse, and integrated approach to healing with personalized counseling, ketamine therapy, and meditative art therapy in a safe and nurturing space.

Conditions Treated

We treat a range of conditions, including Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Migraines, IBS, Chronic Pain, CRPS, Stress-Related Illness, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue.

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