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Virtual Reality (VR) Immersive Therapies

Explore the power of cutting-edge VR technology in a safe environment.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological interface that allows users to experience computer-generated environments within a controlled setting.


Our Virtual Reality therapy immerses users in a digital environment—which is often a profound form of treatment for many mental health conditions.


We use VR in our immersive therapies portion of treatment.  Guided meditation is enhanced with music and taking patients to places they would not normally be able to access.


Using VR in therapy allows for a deeper connection for many when experiencing guided meditation.  Often our patients want to travel to a place of calm and creativity using VR.  We can take them on a guided meditation that fulfills that promise.

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Meditative Art Therapy

Relax, create, and be inspired with our meditative art therapy. Experience the unity of mind, body, and creative spirit as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

Our Approach

Experience a customized, diverse, and integrated approach to healing with personalized counseling, ketamine therapy, and meditative art therapy in a safe and nurturing space.

Meet Dr. Drake

Board-certified emergency medicine physician Dr. Drake brings passion, wisdom, and expertise in the healing arts to the Drake Center.

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