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Jacqueline Drake TALC

Incorporating Art and Mindfulness into Healing

Jacqueline Drake, TALC

Drake Center Director of Creative & Immersive Therapies  
Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach
Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor  
Healing Arts Therapy Workshop Facilitator
Owner/Founder The Jacqueline Drake Gallery
Certified in Psychedelic Integration

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Jacqueline Drake is the Director of Creative and Immersive Therapies at The Drake Center 

She works with Dr. Drake to build programs featuring mindfulness, creativity, and healing.  Her background in nursing and art have combined to provide the perfect complement to Ketamine assistive therapy.


Jacqueline has been using her intuitive creative process to create mixed media art for over 20 years. Having started her career in the healthcare field, then deciding to study fine art as well as intuitive and meditative healing, Jacqueline brings a truly unique blend of talents and knowledge to her practice and community.

Energy, Art and Wellness

Her stunning artwork seems to glow and be lit from within. Its luminous style, like the artist herself, reminds the viewer of their own energy and light, bringing forth a calming introspection many find healing. Through her beautiful canvases and art inspired wellness products, engaging workshops, and inviting gallery, Jacqueline helps people relax, create, explore and be inspired. Jacqueline takes you on her own creative wellness journey.

The artwork of Jacqueline Drake has appeared in hospitals, spas, yoga studios, restaurants, galleries and private collections in homes all across the US.

A Holistic Approach

Her goals for clients include guiding patients on a  journey toward purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life and is customized and designed for each unique individual.


Jacqueline’s goal is to for you to feel encouraged, motivated, recharged and focused to create an environment where you are heard and understood

Awards / Achievements / Associations

Art Prize 2014 Grand Rapids

Hour Detroit's "Best Place To Buy Original Art" 2019

Named “Face Of Creativity” by Hour magazine  2019

Hour Detroit's "Best Place To Buy Original Art" 2020

President, South Oakland Art Association

Winner best in show Michigan Apple Trail 

Healing Arts Therapy Workshop Facilitator -  Gilda's Club Cancer Support Center, Common Ground Crisis Center,  Henry Ford Hospital, Karmanos Cancer Center

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Meditative Art Therapy

Relax, create, and be inspired with our meditative art therapy. Experience the unity of mind, body, and creative spirit as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

Virtual Reality (VR) Immersive Therapies

Explore the power of cutting-edge VR technology in a safe environment. Recreate and overcome traumatic experiences or find solace in positive moments to heal and grow.


"I came to The Drake Center feeling scared and hopeless, and less than 90 days later I’m happy, energized and more in control of my life. "

Consulting Services for Medical Clinics
For over two years, the Drake Center has excelled in ketamine-assisted therapy, offering patients a secure and supportive atmosphere. Our experienced team consults with clinics aiming to integrate ketamine into their treatment options. We provide expert advice on seamless integration, art therapy, innovative VR/immersive therapies, and enhancing patient well-being through meditation and mindfulness practices.  Contact us today.

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