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Ketamine is comparable to ECT for patients with treatment-resistant depression, study shows

At The Drake Center, we're committed to offering cutting-edge treatments that support the body, mind, and spirit. Recent research adds to the growing body of evidence for the use of ketamine in treating treatment-resistant depression.

A new study involving over 400 participants found that intravenous ketamine was "not inferior" to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), the current gold standard. Intriguingly, patients who took ketamine twice a week for three weeks had slightly better results than those who underwent ECT three times per week over the same period. Link to article:

We're proud to offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy as part of our range of services. This transformative treatment involves a custom journey of preparation, treatment, and integration, offering deep and profound healing for the body and psyche. The Drake Center is a place of transformative healing, and we're excited to discuss how treatments like Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can be part of your unique journey towards health and wholeness.

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