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Guided psycho-emotional exploration: One hour session to identify, connect with and transcend deep seated and/or repressed emotional states which contribute to physical and psychological disease. 

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy: Powerful cutting edge treatment, a custom journey involving multiple sessions of preparation, treatment and integration to support a process of deep and profound transformative healing for the body and psyche. 

Guided meditative art therapy: A guided meditative experience using the power of the creative mind to explore and release deep seated and unrecognized emotional beliefs. 

Guided Psycho-Emotional Exploration 

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy ( KAP) 

Guided Meditative Art Therapy 

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Contact us today to schedule your unique exploration of your mind and body connection.


Contact us today to schedule your unique custom journey with this cutting edge treatment for all over wellness for your mind, body and creative spirit.  


Contact us today to schedule your own  unique meditative art exploration for your own mind, body and creative spirit. 

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