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About Us

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A Chance Meeting and A Combined Commitment to Treat Those Who Suffer

Cassius and Jacqueline’s relationship began at the bedside of an injured patient. Two decades ago at William Beaumont Hospital, where Dr. Drake completed his residency and Jacqueline provided nursing care, a bond was formed based on a shared desire to help others. Through their journey together as spouses, parents, and healers, that bond has grown.

Together and Ready to Help

Having undergone their own transformative journeys of healing and with an inspired resolve to help others to have this powerful and rejuvenating experience, Dr Drake and Jacqueline founded The Drake Center for Transformative healing as a destination for those seeking healing of disease of the body and transcendence of Disease of the psyche.

Consulting Services for Medical Clinics
For over two years, the Drake Center has excelled in ketamine-assisted therapy, offering patients a secure and supportive atmosphere. Our experienced team consults with clinics aiming to integrate ketamine into their treatment options. We provide expert advice on seamless integration, art therapy, innovative VR/immersive therapies, and enhancing patient well-being through meditation and mindfulness practices.  Contact us today.

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Our Approach

Experience a customized, diverse, and integrated approach to healing with personalized counseling, ketamine therapy, and meditative art therapy in a safe and nurturing space.

Dr. Cassius Drake, MD

Board-certified emergency medicine physician Dr. Drake brings passion, wisdom, and expertise in the healing arts to the Drake Center.

Meet Jacqueline Drake

Nationally acclaimed artist Jacqueline Drake combines her nursing care background and fine art skills to create a transformative method of art therapy at the Drake Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ketamine work?

What kind of ketamine treatments does The Drake Center offer?

How much does Ketamine therapy cost?

Financing Options & Insurance

We want to give everyone who is interested in receiving a higher level of care the opportunity to do so.  We offer financing for some of our service and we take insurance for those who have coverage.


Hear stories from our patients and how our Integrated therapy has helped them overcome Depression, Anxiety or PTSD.

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